Teachers 2018

Gabriel Silva

Gabriel Silva began the dance at 9 years of age with Master Rachel Mosque in Cia. Dance Cariocas and at 15 integrated to the Academy of Dance Alvaro Reyes and Cia. Dance Alvaro's Dance - both companies made several presentations. He participated in the Ballroom Dance National Congress at the Hotel Gloria (Rio de Janeiro) and won the dance contest, sponsored by the same two consecutive years (2006 and 2007) - Junior category.
In late 2007 he made his first work overseas in Prague (Czech Republic), where he spent three years developing a front work the Company Brazil Show. During this period did several shows in Austria, Poland, Slovakia and England. He paraded at Carnival between the years 2011 and 2014. 
He was present in several television programs and travelled to France, Switzerland, Spain and is currently developing a samba work in Lisbon.

Stéphanie & Loïc (Samba Lyon)

Stephanie is the founder and a dance instructor at the Brazilian cultural centre “Saudade do Brasil” in Lyon.
Stephanie started her training in Samba de Gafieira with Alvaro Reys in 2005-2006, in Rio de Janeiro. Since her return to France, Stephanie has continuously improved the quality of her classes by inviting the best Brazilian samba teachers to Lyon several times a year. She also goes back to Rio de Janeiro every year to train and practice, as Samba de Gafieira is a young, ever-evolving dance.
In 2009, Loïc Moine joined her in this beautiful adventure of spreading Samba de Gafieira in Lyon. Loïc has been teaching for 8 years, Stephanie for 12. Driven by the same passion, Stephanie and Loïc have built a beautiful friendship. Together, they have a fierce will to improve, as samba dancers but also as instructors.
As a result of their commitment, Saudade do Brasil has become the biggest Samba de Gafieira School in Europe, with more than 120 students. Saudade Do Brasil Lyon also hosts the biggest Samba congress in Europe.
Stephanie and Loïc’s philosophy: doing things seriously without taking themselves too seriously.

Dhiego Luiz & Diana

Dhiego Luiz was born and grew up in the suburbs of Brasília. Since his childhood he loved to dance to popular Brazilian music like Samba, Forró and Música Bahiana. In 2005 he started his dancing career in a social project. Learning Brazilian ballroom dances (Samba de Gafieira, Bolero, Soltinho). Forró, Zouk and Salsa gave his life a new direction and the chance to work with what he really loves. After having completed his professional training he worked as a dance teacher in several dance schools and social projects in Brasília and participated in dance groups like “Cia de Dança Alex Gomes”, “Forró com Estilo” and “Cia de Dança Flávia Valente”. Since May 2012 he lives and teaches in Germany. In March 2017 he moved to Berlin and is giving Forró, Samba de Gafieira and Zouk classes.




© Elitza Nanova
© Elitza Nanova

David Bosco & Bruna Sousa

Teacher and choreographer of ballroom dancing from 2000 to 7 years old, David Bosco disseminates the culture of Forró and Samba in Barcelona. He is a dynamic and versatile professional with experience and recognition in Samba de Gafieira, Samba no Pé and Forró.


David Bosco directs dance classes in the main congresses around the world. Creative and original is also the creator of a unique and unmistakable style: Samsurf, which is characterized by the fusion of body movements of surfing with samba de gafieira, whose most distinctive feature is the use of a "roller" shoe that makes it radical.

Carlos Frevo

Carlos Frevo, born Carlos da Silva, is a qualified dancer. Born in Pernambuco, Brazil he has been working as a dancer, dancing instructor and choreographer since 1996. Influenced by the diverse culture of Brazil, he possesses an extensive repertoire of traditional Brazilian dances: frevo, maracatu, coco, samba, afro-brazilian dance, forró and samba de gafieira.
He began his education in traditional dance at the age of 12 years in the “Tax Dance Company”, “Maje Mole”, “Darue Malungo” as well as “Cia Terapia Dança de Salão”. He also took classes with the great Frevo-master Meia Noite. In 2000 he began his education in modern dance in the “Company Experimental de Dança”.

Since 2004 Carlos Frevo is living and working in Berlin, Germany and is constantly developing his dance technique. As founder and artistic director, from 2012 to 2017 he gained a great international reputation with the "Tanzstudio Dança Frevo" and also made known the rich culture of Brazil beyond the borders of the country.
He is currently working as a dance teacher and musician with "Dança Frevo Cultural Events" and also regularly organizes Brazilian concerts and two dance festivals each year.

© Julie Bequart
© Julie Bequart

Bruna Sousa

Brazilian dance professional Bruna Sousa was born in Brazil and moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2007.


She went to congresses all around the world to perform with her previous dance partner João Regis aka Mr.Dragon. Countries (congresses) she has visited include: Dubai, Oman, Russian, Prague, Paris, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Barcelona, Italy, Austria etc. Together with her former partner she organized five Zouk and Samba congresses in Amsterdam. Bruna is trained in: Zouk, Samba, Forró but she dances Kizomba, Salsa and Bachata too.


Zé Berlin

Zé Berlin was formed in 2011 to deliver a soulful and highly danceable samba. The group has gathered a repertoire of pagode and samba de raiz and also composed various songs that they perform frequently. With all percussion that belongs to the genre and 7-stringed guitar, cavaquinho and a lot of voices, this band never fails in making people dance and enjoy.

Pandeiro, Voice - Junior da Costa
Flute - Hortense Rigot
Guitar, Voice - Björn Bergek

Cavaquinho - Guilherme Dias

Percussion, Voice - Dede de Oz
Percussion, Voice - Leo Pascuti

Alê Kali & Band

Light, intense, warm, enchanting. Kali has a unique voice. From the one that captivates from the first notes, invites to escape ... Brazilian of blood, French of heart, Âle Kali knew how to build a bridge between the two worlds, reclaiming  the abundant cultural identity of Brazil, that she sprinkles with a hint of European sounds.


The band will play predominantly Samba, but also  some Axé and Samba Reggae:


Voice - Âle Kali
Guitar - Björn Bergek
Percussion - Dede de Oz
Percussion - Carlos Frevo

Cavaquinho - Charles William

Aja Brasil

"Aja Brasil" is the synthesis of the names of the two musicians Abrao and Jabuti and at the same time the synthesis of the diversity of Brazilian music. Since their establishment in 1997, Aja consolidated their good reputation throughout their continuous presence and musical originality. Numerous shows have shown that Brazilian music reaches an audience in every age and inspires everybody.

The band will play lots of Samba, but also Forró and more:


Guitar, Voice - Jabuti Fonteles
Percussion - Abrao Dutra
Percussion - Carlos Frevo
Cavaquinho, Sanfona - Charles William


DJ Vanderlei

Vanderlei was the first in the Netherlands to mix Zouk with traditional Brazilian Music and has been a pioneer in mixing Brazilian Zouk. He can offer a mix of different styles and travels regularly to Brazil to keep up to date with the latest trends. He has been djing at Festivals with famous Brazilian artists such as: Olodum, Daniela Mercury, Djavan, Alceu Valencia, Carla Visi Zeca Pagodinho, Martinho da Vila etc . As a DJ he feels for the audience and can provide an unrivalled music package for lovers of Brazilian dances.

DJ Tião

Sebastian "DJ Tião" discovered the rich world of Brazilian music when he started taking forró dance classes with Carlos Frevo in Berlin in January 2012. From now on he was passionate about different Brazilian music styles, like samba as well. In 2013 he started DJ-ing on parties and festivals in Berlin (Psiu Forró Festival, Samba Treffen...) and other European cities (Dresden, Leipzig, Prague).