Program  2017

2 days of workshops of Samba no Pé, Samba de Gafieira, Samba Funkeado and Afro Brasil 

with 6 different teachers and party with live bands every evening







Level 1: please contact us
Level 2.1
: Students with experience of 4 months -1 year of regular classes

Level 2.2: Students with experience of 1-2 years of regular classes

Level 3: Students with experience of more than 2 years of regular classes

Open: For everyone


Level 2-3 refer to your experience in traditional Samba de Gafieira


You can change the level during the festival only with the teacher's agreement.



**Subject to change.

Parties 2017

Friday 29 September 2017  -  22:00

Zé Berlin (live)

& DJ Ramón Barau

Entrance: 10€  (or festival pass)


Saturday 30 September 2017 - 22:00

22:00 - Teachers' and students' presentation

DuBras (live)

& DJ Tião do Forró

Entrance: 10€  (or festival pass)


Sunday 01 October 2017- 20:00

Aja Brasil (live)

& DJ Tião do Forró

Entrance: 10€  (or festival pass)


All workshops and parties take place at  "Tanzstudio Dança Frevo".