Teachers 2017

André Negrão

I am a dancer, choreographer and graduated actor by "Escola ETA de Artes Cênicas". I have started dancing at 14 years old when "Lambada" rhythm has started and after that I have started learning Ballroom Dance. My first teachers were Bebeto and Bia Ribeiro. Due to my easiness and highlight in Ballroom Dance, at 20 years old I was invited to give dance classes, starting my dance teacher career. Later on I have started to give classes in many dance schools and academies, until I had the opportunity to open my own Dance Studio, in Niterói city, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that exists since 1997 the “Studio de Dança André Negrão”. Today I am part owner of “Espaço Gafieira Ltd”, also in Niterói city.

Since then, I have worked in Brazil and abroad as a teacher, a dancer and a choreographer. I have participated in shows with “Grupo de Lambada Kaoma”; with Sidney Magal, Flávio Venturini and Chico Batera singers; with Márvio Ciribelle pianist; and in events in tribute to Ziraldo, the cartoonist, and to Clovis Bornay, the carnival professional, among others. I had also the opportunity to work with celebrated Brazilian ballroom dance professionals such as: Carlinhos de Jesus, Marcelo Chocolate, Sheila Aquino, and Jimmy de Oliveira. Nowadays, besides teaching dance classes I also work with my Dance Company in many projects such as events for Petrobras, Record TV Network, Globo TV Network and Congresses, Workshops, Presentations and Shows in general.

Ayo Barbosa

Ayo Barbosa comes from a small city in Minas Gerais, Brasil. When he was 5, he moved to Belo Horizonte. His first contact with dance was in the dance school “Dançarte”. Due to his ambition of becoming a professional dancer, he decided to move to Rio de Janeiro to learn Samba de Gafieira and Tango. After a few years, one of his mentor encouraged him to start contemporary dance in order to improve his musicality and sensibility of the movements. As soon as he came back to Belo Horizonte he started to participate to the forrò scene of the city. Due to his background of different styles of dance, he started to experiment with a personal style of dancing forrò taking inspiration from movements of Samba de Gafieira and Tango.

His sources of inspiration are the “big” from Samba’s World: Bezerra da Silva, Jackson do Pandero and Gordurinha (these names represent an icon of Forrò Sambado, for example Bezerra da Silva’s vinyl “Rei do Coco 1&2”). He worked as a teacher at Pè Descalço, Centro Gafierando Acàcio de Souza. In September 2012 he moved to San Paolo, where he started a Forrò-Sambado project called “Grupo de forrò - Fua” in partnership with Natalia Militão.

Since 2016 Ayo lives in Berlin. He teaches Samba no Pè and Forró at Tanzstudio Dança Frevo and he works to his Forrò-Sambado project “Forrò do Miudinho”.

Carlos Frevo

Carlos Frevo, born Carlos da Silva, is a qualified dancer. Born in Pernambuco, Brazil he has been working as a dancer, dance-instructor & choreographer since 1998. Influenced by the diverse culture of Brazil, he possesses an extensive repertoire of traditional Brazilian dances: frevo, maracatu, coco, samba, afro-brazilian dance and forró. He began his education in traditional dance at the age of 12 in the “Tax Dance Company”, “Maje Mole”, “Darue Malungo” as well as “Cia Terapia Dança de Salão”. He also took classes with the great Frevo-master Meia Noite. In 2000 he began his education in modern dance in the “Company Experimental de Dança”.

Since 2004 Carlos Frevo lives and works in Berlin/Germany. He regularly gives classes in forró, samba, samba de gafieira, frevo and afro-brazilian dance. In 2006 Carlos Frevo formed his own dance group called “Locomotiva do Frevo” and acted as a choreographer for the group till 2015. In 2016 he formed the "Carlos Frevo Dance Company" and started working on new projects combining different styles of dance.

In 2012 he opened the dance school "Dança Frevo", with which he aims to advertise the manifold culture of Brazil beyond its borders.

Gabriel Silva & Luana Martins

Gabriel Silva began the dance at 9 years of age with Master Rachel Mosque in Cia. Dance Cariocas and at 15 integrated to the Academy of Dance Alvaro Reyes and Cia. Dance Alvaro's Dance - both companies made several presentations. He participated in the Ballroom Dance National Congress at the Hotel Gloria (Rio de Janeiro) and won the dance contest, sponsored by the same two consecutive years (2006 and 2007) - Junior category.
In late 2007 he made his first work overseas in Prague (Czech Republic), where he spent three years developing a front work the Company Brazil Show. During this period did several shows in Austria, Poland, Slovakia and England. He paraded at Carnival between the years 2011 and 2014. 
He was present in several television programs and travelled to France, Switzerland, Spain and is currently developing a samba work in Lisbon.

Luana Martins

Luana Martins had her first contact with dance at the age of 6 through  Rhythmic Gymnastics. At the age of 15 she began studying ballroom dance at the School of Dance Emballo - Jaime Arôxa in Recife. At the age of 16 she joined the CIA. Everaldo Lins Dance and at the age of 17 she  joined the School of Dance Roberto Pereira. In 2012 she moved to Rio de Janeiro and was a member of Cia. Jimmy de Oliveira Dance. In 2014 she joined the Sunset Dance Company and traveled to Estônia- Tallinn and Sweden - Stockholm, in a season of three months, where she taught dance classes and participated in shows. In the same year she participated in the 11th edition of the Network Famous Televisions Globe Dance framework as a choreographer assistant. Currently she lives in Lisbon, developing a Samba de Gafieira project with her partner Gabriel Silva.


Ramón Barau & Luciana Oliveira

Ramón Barau started his artistic formation with classical ballet, to finally discover ballroom dancing and started his 7-year practice and study of Latino and Standard dance styles, in the year 2000. In 2006, he started a 3-year course of Jazz and Flamenco Dance.

In 2007, he discovered and started his studies on” Samba de Gafieira” in the “Sindicato da Dansa” School in Rio de Janeiro, with Luís Floriao y Adriana d'Acri. Since then, he continues to be taught and mentored by well-known tutors, Jaime Aroxa, Isnard Manso, Rodrigo Marques, Sheila Aquino, Carlos Bolacha and others.

Currently, he is the president of the “Spai Carioca” Association, that he previously co-founded. He also works as tutor and as a choreographer to teach others “Samba de Gafieira”, his great passion. In collaboration with LuisFloriao and Adriana D’acri, they are spreading his passion to their students and dancers, thanks to an intense acceptance, in Barcelona and the rest of Spain.

Ramón Barau invented the first written instruction's guide of “Samba de Gafieira”, which has been published in a technical dance book with study plans and technical methods for learning.

Bands 2017

Friday - Zé Berlin

Zé Berlin is formed by musicians expressing themselves differently but within the Samba tradition. Since 2011 the group has gathered a repertoire of pagode and samba de raiz and also composed various songs that they perform frequently.  With all percussion that belongs to the genre and 7-stringed guitar, cavaquinho and a lot of voices, this band never fails in making people dance and enjoy.

Saturday - DuBras

By songs of a diverse style mixture of Samba, Bossa Nova, Ijexá, Reggae and Sambalanco and as well as Samba-radio-adaptations of known hits of the brazilian pop music (MPB) the band DuBras really pulls its audience in a thrilling South American experience and brings them the intense feeling of Brazilian summer nights.

Sunday - Aja Brasil

"Aja Brasil" is the synthesis of the names of the two musicians Abrao and Jabuti and at the same time the synthesis of the diversity of Brazilian music. Since their establishment in 1997, Aja consolidated their good reputation throughout their continuous presence and musical originality. Numerous shows have shown that Brazilian music reaches an audience in every age and inspires everybody.